VNDS – Top Convenient Stablecoin for Vietnamese

Cryptocurrency is the most popular application of Blockchain technology in Vietnam nowadays. However, compared to fiat currencies, like USD or EUR, which are backed by market confidence in issuing governments, cryptocurrencies are still volatile and turbulent. Therefore, Vietnam needs a fixed stablecoin that provides stability in a volatile market.

By having a cryptocurrency that behaves like the VND currency, Vietnamese market participants will be able to trade more comfortably when the market fluctuates.

The VNDS token is designed to be a bridge between crypto and fiat currencies on digital exchanges, minimizing risks for investors and traders.


Outstanding features of the VNDS token

As a stablecoin priced at 1 VND, VNDS will be fully backed by Vietnamese currency (VND) and can be converted at a 1:1 ratio, possibly completed by the 3rd quarter of 2024. Thanks to this, VNDS can be traded very easily with crypto wallets, and other cryptocurrencies, as well as many exchanges and trading platforms on the market today.


Here are some other notable features of the VNDS token:

  • Swap STE/VNDS on the STE app with a $1,000,000.00 Liquidity Pool
  • Buy STN in Public Sale
  • Transfer and withdraw to other wallet address

The VNDS token will bring a convenient crypto payment experience, incorporating new-generation blockchain technology. By introducing an advanced user experience, Vietnamese users will be able to pay with a platform of the future with transparent pricing.


Future functions:

  • Convert from VNDS to VND quickly
  • Loan system with attractive interest rates
  • Easy to use, transfer, and withdraw between crypto wallets like other tokens

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