STN – New Stretch-to-Earn Token release


1. What is STN?

Recently, SB Group has decided to issue STN – the new token of the Stretch-to-Earn ecosystem. After the launch, STN will become the main token of Stretch-to-Earn, replacing STE which is acting as the heart of the project.

However, this does not reduce the value of the STE token. Although becoming a secondary token, STE still retains the inherent utility features such as:

  • Transaction
  • Buy and sell NFT
  • Pay mint
  • Paying for participation in Mini-Games
  • Reward
  • Staking, Farming


2. The reason why issue the STN Token?

With the desire to bring the best value to the community, the SB Group team aims to list Stretch-to-Earn tokens on top CEX exchanges with a high reputation. Typically Huobi (the top 4 safe exchange)

However, the team had difficulty in listing STE because the token did not meet the requirements of the exchanges despite being considered a reputable token and a reliable team.

The necessary action is to restructure the project’s Token. STN Token was born from here.

STN – Token will be used mainly in the ecosystem, the old STE coin will be supported to convert to STN and you will have the opportunity to become investors right from the Public Sale round.

SB Group is urgently making plans, and will soon launch to the community. With a constant reputation, we will run all IEOs, IDOs, on major CEX exchanges (we are in the process of filing, submitting, and negotiating with exchanges about the listing)


3. Basic information about STN

  • Symbol: STN
  • Total Supply: 10,000,000,000.00
  • Total Capital raised from backers: $3,140,000.00

SB Group has planned to IDO, then IEO, and finally list STN on Huobi in Q4/2022.


4. So what role does SB Token play?

Despite the birth of new tokens, SB is still the heart of SB Group.

Application of SB:

  • DragonSB ecosystem;
  • Upcoming Launchpad;
  • Large Liquidity Pool plays a decisive role in many upcoming projects of SB Group


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