Fitness is built on Blockchain technology

If asked, most of us will probably say that sports play an important role in life, because of helping us become healthy and have moments to relax.

Sorare is one of the pioneering titles in football games. It has similar gameplay to regular football management games, but Sorare is very hard to make a difference through how to classify the rarity of your player card.

Simulating real players from real-life clubs, Sorare divides the rarity ranks according to the number of cards: Limited – 1,000 copies per season, Rare – 100 copies per season while Super Rare is 10 and there are also unique player cards, only 1 person can own.

In addition to the football game, Sorare has invaded a basketball game. On the evening of September 8, 22, Web3 game developer Sorare and the National Basketball Association announced a multi-year cooperation agreement and plan to issue the Free-to-Play basketball game.

Accordingly, the game will be free to play and revolves around the user-created NFT collection, representing NBA stars based on real combat achievements in real life. The game is expected to be released in October of this year, to keep up with the NBA 2022-2023 season.

In life, people often face pressure at work and study, which makes mental fatigue and health decline. In times like these, exercising will help us stay healthy so we can continue to work and study better. STE is your partner and will give you the motivation to become more interested in exercise: Stretch-To-Earn – Exercise to earn money

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